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Press acclaim for Mozart concert

We’re delighted to have received two wonderful reviews for our Mozart concert last Saturday.

The Western Mail’s reviewer Peter Collins gave the concert four stars, and described the performance as “engrossing”, and “captivating”, saying, “Cantemus Chamber Choir got to the heart of Mozart’s final composition with impressive clarity and imagination, performed with grace and style by a choir which had a deep understanding of its emotional depths.” He went on to compliment the soloists, particularly the “quite exquisite solo singing by Elin Manahan Thomas”, and noted that the other soloists were “on impressive form.”

Our review in the Western Mail – four stars!

In conclusion, he wrote that “the performance belonged to the choir, especially in its rendering of the Dies Irae, the Rex tremendae and the Lacrimosa, which for many people is the emotional heart of the piece.”

The Wales Arts Review’s Nigel Jarrett also enjoyed the performance. Writing on their website, he gave us credit for “neatly-tailored performances” and was also impressed by the soloists and orchestra, saying “Few other singers can unveil a devotional work as aerially as Elin Manahan Thomas did in the opening Kyrie ” and “the orchestra was on sharp, sprightly form”. He ended his review by saying “We may not encounter the pairing of these two works often; but even less frequently do we come across a choir of this sort willing to take them on with one voice.” Nigel’s full review can be accessed here.

We’re thrilled that the concert received such acclaim; it’s always nice to know that the audience get as much out of a performance as we do!



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